Eswatini Fundraising Sale

My daughter Katie and I (Christal) have an opportunity to travel to Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) this April.  We will be going with our church who is partnered with Children’s Hope Chest in caring for two carepoints in Africa. At the carepoints the children are fed and taught about Jesus.  When our church goes out it is a chance to connect with the people of the two communities, help with projects and run bible studies.

I went with our church a number of years ago.  It has been Katie’s dream ever since to have a chance to help out with short term missions and to experience the joy of sharing the love of Jesus with other people.

When you purchase Mountain & Main Tea Company’s tea through this link (or use the code SIEMENS at checkout), 20% of the proceeds will go towards funding Christal & Katelynn Siemen’s Eswatini mission trip.

All teas are sourced from ethical farms globally, with a passion for protecting children from slavery and the dignity of the workers. When you buy Mountain & Main Tea, everybody wins.

– Christal & Katie Siemens