Loose Leaf Teas

Our current selection of loose leaf teas:


Coffee Tea – Coffee or tea?  Well, now you don’t have to choose with this unique blend of black tea (pu’erh style) and coffee beans with a nice hint of chocolate.  You can’t go wrong with this! Ingredients:  Black tea, Black Tea (Pu-erh style), Cocoa beans, Green coffee beans, Camomile petals, Ground coffee, Natural flavors.

Black Teas

Canadian Maple – Black tea with hints of maple syrup for an earthy and sweet blend. Ingredients: black tea; calendula, jasmine & sunflower petals; natural flavours, real maple syrup (organic compliant).

Candy Cane – A delicious blend of peppermint and black tea, laced with candy canes, for a sweet holiday treat. Ingredients:Black tea, peppermint, candy cane pieces*, camomile & cornflower petals, strawberry leaves, natural flavours. *candy cane: sugar, corn syrup, peppermint oil, titanium dioxide, red 40.

Candy ShopIngredients: apple, elderberry, raisin, reship & orange pieces; hibiscus & cornflower petals; natural flavours; bubblegum (sugar, dextrose, corn syrup, gum base, corn starch, natural & artificial flavours, glycerin, resinous glaze, tapioca dextrin, carnauba wax, artificial colors, BHT. Contains soybean oil.

Cookie Dough – Relive your childhood with the flavours of stolen cookies, taken right before the tray was placed in the oven, now blended into a delightful black tea. Serve with milk and sugar. Ingredients:Black tea; Calendula & Camomile petals, Natural flavours. (organic compliant)

Decaf Cream Early Grey – Earl Grey tea is world renown English tea, and Cream Earl Grey takes this British tradition and smooths it over with warm vanilla, blending seamlessly with the signature bergamot flavour. Enjoy it now without the caffeine! Ingredients: black tea, cornflower petals, natural flavours (organic compliant).

Earl Grey – a world renown English favourite with its signature bergamot flavour. Ingredients: black tea, cornflower petals, natural flavours (organic compliant)

Essential Chai – A mild chai tea, traditionally spiced with cinnamon and cardamum, superb with mellow Indian spiced notes.  Serve with milk and sugar for an authentic experience. Ingredients: black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, fennel, black peppercorn, star anise and dried ginger pieces.

Firecracker Chai – Breathe in the scents of the Calcutta market as spicy cinnamon, ginger, cardamum, and pepper set your senses on fire.  A perfect wake-me up shot of caffeine to start your day on with a burst of energy. Ingredients: black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, fennel, red & black peppercorn, star anise and hot pepper flakes.

Hazelnut Vanilla – A sweet dessert tea, blending together Madagascar vanilla and rich hazelnut overtones. Ingredients: Black tea; calendula, sunflower & mallow petals; natural flavours.

Iced Wine – Journey to the winter vineyards of Niagara. A fresh and piquant white grape flavour with hints of exotic fruit, made with real Ice Wine from Ontario. Ingredients: black tea, white tea, raisin pieces (sunflower oil, sulphites), natural organic compliant flavours and Ontario ice wine.

Irish Cream- Welcome to Ireland with this rich black tea, paired perfectly with milk and sugar. Ingredients: black tea; blackberry leaves; sunflower & cornflower petals; natural flavours.

Lemon Ginger (Relief Wellness Blend) – RELIEF soothes sore throats and helps with persisting coughs with it’s signature blend of black tea, citrus and Thai ginger.  Sweeten with honey and enjoy the sweet relief. Ingredients: Black tea; pineapple, lime, lemon & ginger pieces; calendula & sunflower petals, lemongrass leaves, natural flavours.

Muddy Chai – A mild chai tea, traditionally spiced with cinnamon and cardamum, blended with whole coffee beans for a mellow coffee aftertaste.  Perfect for a morning brew. Ingredients: black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, fennel, black peppercorn, star anise and dried ginger pieces, Black Pearl whole coffee beans (locally roasted).

Rhubarb Cream – Black tea with warm rhubarb flavours perfectly blended with cream. It’s your grandma’s rhubarb crisp on a bright spring day. Ingredients: black tea; blackberry & lime leaves; safflower, jasmine & sunflower petals; natural flavours.

Herbal Tisanes

Apricot Supreme – Fresh, light and fruity – a refreshing spring tea. Ingredients: hibiscus & calendula petals; apple, reship & orange pieces, natural flavours.

Berry Blast – Fresh and fruity – a yummy berry blend to refresh your taste buds. Ingredients: Apple pieces, hibiscus petals, elderberry & currant & rosehip & orange pieces, cornflower petals, natural flavours (organic compliant).

Bubblegum –  Have fun with this kid-friendly naturally caffeine-free tea!  Sweet caramel taste with strawberry and lemon character perfect for the young at heart. Ingredients: apple, rosehip & orange pieces; hibiscus, calendula & cornflower petals; Bubble gum*, and Natural flavours. *(Bubble gum: sugar, dextrose, corn syrup, gum base (contains soybean oil), corn starch, natural and artificial flavours, glycerin, resinous glaze (confectioner’s glaze), tapiocadextrin, carnauba wax, artificial colors (contains tartrazine), BHT).  **CONTAINS SOY

Bumblefruit – Warm up your taste buds with this delicious mix of fruits and berries. Ingredients: Apple pieces, hibiscus petals, rosehip & orange pieces, cornflower petals & rose petals, blackberry leaves, natural flavours (organic compliant).

Chamomile Lavender Wellness Blend (Peace) – Nothing relaxes like chamomile and lavender.  Paired with caffeine free rooibos and vanilla, this brings a sense of peace and calm to your day. Ingredients: Chamomile & lavender petals, rooibos, peppermint, spearmint, natural flavours.

Citrus Spice Wellness Blend (Restore) – gives your body the support it needs with antioxidants and vitamins to help restore you to health.  A soothing blend for sore throats and stuffed sinus, this lemon and cinnamon-laced herbal tisane tastes and feels good when you’re under the weather. Ingredients: Lemongrass & stevia leaves, ginger, lemon & apple pieces, cinnamon, fennel, hibiscus petals, cardamom, clove, natural flavours.

Gingo Mint Wellness Blend (Focus) – Stimulate and improve your mind with this blend of gingko and peppermint leaves. Great for study breaks. Ingredients: Peppermint, gingko leaves, orange & turmeric & pumpkin pieces, safflower petals.

Lemon Sunshine – Enjoy the refreshing character of lemon and bright summer days.  Naturally caffeine-free. Ingredients: Apple, rosehip & orange pieces; hibiscus, calendula & cornflower petals; Natural flavors.

Licorice Ginger Wellness Blend (Detox) – Bloated?  Sore tummy?  Does your body need a reset?  We’ve got you covered with our naturally caffeine free Detox tea.  Loaded with natural ingredients to aid digestion, reduce bloating, and treat nausea symptoms, Detox herbal tisane is a soothing relief.

Tulsi is not only a source of Vitamin K, important for transporting calcium through the body, it is also said to aid the digestive system and promote weight loss. Licorice is a natural remedy to relieve digestive issues which, along with ginger and Burdock root, reduce nausea.  Fennel is known to reduce bloating and helps those suffering from constipation or indigestion.  Add to that our antioxidant rich flower petals, including Dandelion, and you’ve got some liver-cleansing action to boot.

Ingredients:  Licorice, ginger, tulsi (holy basil), fennel, dandelion leaves, burdock root, rose petals, elder flowers, safflower petals, natural flavours.

Peppermint – The peppermint tea your grandma made.  The breath-freshening garden herb that has eased bloating, relieved clogged sinuses, fought infections and improved sleep for generations.  (Plus, it tastes like home.). Ingredients: peppermint leaves.

Note: peppermint leaves are very lightweight, and make double amount of cups of tea per gram than standard teas. This tea is sold in 25g quantities.

West Coast Spearmint – Refreshingly minty, West Coast Spearmint tea is a naturally caffeine free tisane you’ll love.  Known to aid digestion, reduce tension headaches, fight bad breath bacteria and loaded with healthy antioxidants and vitamin C, this mighty tea is both refreshing and soothes what ails you. Ingredients: spearmint

Note: spearmint leaves are very lightweight, and make double amount of cups of tea per gram than standard teas. This tea is sold in 25g quantities.

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Rooibos (Red Bush)

Blueberry Bang Rooibos – Enjoy the burst of fresh wild blueberries in this caffeine-free rooibos.  Naturally caffeine-free. Ingredients: Rooibos; hibiscus & apple pieces; elderberries, currents, blueberries, bilberries (aka European blueberries), cornflower &  natural flavours.

Cinnamon Chai – Sweet rooibos base flavoured with cinnamon and spice, Cinnamon Rooibos Chai makes for a natural caffeine free tea to share with friends. Ingredients: Rooibos, cinnamon, almond pieces, calendula flowers, ginger, cardamom, black & white pepper, clove, nutmeg, star anise, orange lily flower petals, nut oil, natural flavours.  *CONTAINS ALMONDS; NUT OIL (almond).

Cherry Tiramisu – Tart cherries and sweet custard blends together in a delightful dessert tea. Ingredients: rooibos, mango pieces, safflower petals, cranberry pieces, natural flavours.

Coconut Chai – A delicate treat to end an evening with friends, rooibos spiced chai blends the spice of Indian marketplace with the warmth of African redbush tea.  Naturally caffeine-free, it’s a perfect bedtime treat. Ingredients: rooibos, coconut, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, star anise; white, black & pink peppercorn.

Creamy Caramel – Robust rooibos with smooth, creamy caramel flavour. Ingredients: Rooibos, Calendula petals, Natural flavors (Organic Compliant).

Dutch Licorice – Anise-flavoured reddish tea, natural sweetened and caffeine-free. Ingredients: rooibos, sunflower petals, anise, natural flavours.

Pina Colada – Let the islands come to you!  Sweet pineapple and coconut with a hint of rum celebrate warm summer days on the beach.  Naturally caffeine-free. Ingredients: Rooibos, Pineapple + Coconut pieces, Natural flavors.  **CONTAINS COCONUT.

Raspberry Pie – Robust rooibos with real pieces of freeze-dried raspberries for authentic flavour. Ingredients: rooibos; raspberry pieces; natural flavours.

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Green Tea

Hermes Orange – Sweet orange flavor is symphonically intertwined with tangerine and mandarin notes. Refreshing citrus finish. Ingredients: Green tea, safflower petals, natural flavours.

Jasmine Chamomile – Jasmine tea is one of the most pleasant tasting green teas available on the market. On the nose the dry tea has a floral bouquet, which literally causes your senses to come alive with pleasant thoughts. The flavour is enhanced with the addition of jasmine  and chamomile blossoms which give the tea a smooth, calming finish. Ingredients:  Green tea, Chamomile & Jasmine flowers.

Long Island Strawberry – Blended together, the combination of strawberry flavouring and green tea produces a cup that is light and fresh, tempered with delicate notes of juicy sweet strawberry, further enhanced by the addition of dried papaya pieces. Ingredients: Green tea, papaya & strawberry pieces, natural flavours.