Family Recipes

Handmade by You

Handmade gifts are all the rage this year for Christmas.  There’s something meaningful about a gift you took the time to make yourself.  While I love the effort that goes into those seashell-glued photo frames, I’d rather something that won’t sit around my house for the next year.  That’s why your own tea blends might be just the ticket!  You just need a few simple ingredients and a good imagination and there’s no end with what you can come up with.

Blend some favourites:

We used our Belgian Chocolate Rooibos and a hint of Peppermint (the flavour is strong, so you don’t need much!) to create an After-8 inspired Chocolate Mint tea.

Add a little flair

For this blend, we just added dark chocolate curls, found in the bulk section of your grocery store, to Hazelnut Vanilla black tea.

Get creative

I saw these Christmas sprinkles in our bulk section and have wanted to use them ever since!  I added some White Swiss Truffle rooibos to a base of Cookie Dough tea and then liberally added white chocolate chips & sprinkles.  (I’m drinking this as I write this post and am in love!). I also think this one would look spectacular in those clear ornaments you get from craft stores this season.  I may just have to try it…

What else?

The sky is the limit!  Have fun, get creative, and make blends that your loved ones will appreciate this Christmas!

Some ideas to add to your tea blends:

  • spices (common favourites are anise, cinnamon, ginger or peppers)
  • chocolate chips or curls
  • cocoa nibs
  • coffee beans or grounds
  • dried fruit (freeze dried fruit works best, but if you’re going to use it up quickly even raisins or dried cranberries are a nice touch)
  • herbs (lemongrass, peppermint, basil or verbena work well)
  • sprinkles and small candies
  • coloured sugar
  • maple flakes

So what’s your house blend going to be?  Have some fun and give your friends a homemade gift they actually might want more of!