Family Memories of Tea

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Our family loves tea.

A Cream of Earl Grey steeped tea, with a little cream and a shot of vanilla syrup is as close to a cup of comfort as I can get.  Add a good novel and a comfy seat by the window, and I’m in heaven.

I don’t know about you, but tea to me means connection.

It’s a cup of Ginger Pieces herbal tea, sweetened with local honey, handed to my daughter when her nose is dripping and her throat is sore.  An offering of healing.

It’s peppermint tea, served as a child in floral corelle mugs right before bedtime, as a tradition to help decompress and unwind before heading to sleep.

It’s the chamomile tea served in a chipped teapot at with grandma, the insides stained and flavoured from years of daily brews.

It’s the British friend who teaches how to brew the “perfect” cup of breakfast tea.

It’s the text popping up on a phone with the simple words: have chai – want to come over?

It’s the Belgian Chocolate rooibos served in warm mugs after an afternoon of snowman building.

Tea is connection.

It is friends.

It is family.

We started Mountain & Main tea company to benefit families globally.  We’re proud to partner with suppliers who care about sustainability and have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to child or slave labour.  We want your family to benefit by keeping our costs low so we can pass onto you affordable, premium loose leaf teas.  And our family works together to make this happen.

We’re connecting friends and families, one cup at a time.