New Years Resolutions… and how TEA will help!

They say over 85% of us won’t keep our New Years resolution even one month – and it seems like less and less people even both to make any. Not me. I’m a sucker for new starts and fresh beginnings. I love the change of seasons, the sense of being able to start over and the anticipation of new rhythms. I love making New Year’s resolutions. I don’t think I have any more success in keeping them than the average person, but I figure any progress is worth celebrating. So I’m making my lists.

And guess what? Tea can help.

Really. I’m not just saying that! Consider some of the top New Year resolutions:

Lose Weight

We’ve all added this one to the list, especially after all those delicious turkey dinners and Christmas baking that somehow disappeared in a few short days! But did you know that tea is proven to help with weight loss? You’ll find green tea listed in the ingredients of almost any diet supplement. Green tea contains catechins, an antioxidant researchers suggest help speed up your metabolism as well as work as an appetite suppressant. And that isn’t all – those same catechins can break down fat and, along with green tea’s caffeine content, increase the amount of energy the body uses. There’s no downside.

Health benefits aside, there’s some very practical ways tea can make a difference for you on the scale. Craving sweets? Swap out your chocolate chip cookies for cookie dough tea – you still get to indulge, but with far fewer calories. Even if you can’t resist adding cream or sugar, you’re still making better choices for your health than the sugar that’s packed into carb-and-sugar-laden desserts. Or head to rooibos – that naturally sweet, caffeine free tea that can keep you sugar free without even trying.

Your waistline will thank you.

Practice Mindfulness

Whether you’re looking to practice yoga, start meditating, journalling or simply taking time to pause in your daily routine, many of us are looking for ways to reduce or manage stress in our lives.

Tea just naturally does that.

You can’t rush a good cup of tea. The time it takes to put the kettle on, prepare your tea leaves and steep your tea is a natural rhythm to embrace the pause. Whether you’re preparing yourself to take a deep breath in the middle of the day, starting your day or ending it off, the ritual of a good cup of tea reminds you to slow down.

Teas have been used for centuries to treat anxiety and stress. Peppermint is a natural muscle relaxant, chamomile has been used to treat insomnia, spearmint is a known destressor and lemon balm elevates the mood by reducing cortisol, the stress hormone. Both matcha and green tea have been used for centuries by monks in both increasing mental focus and calming the body for meditative purposes.

So indulge. Try some peppermint matcha, our relax blend (which includes chamomile, peppermint and lemon balm) or some traditional Jasmine green tea. Take the time to pause.

Back on Budget

One of my key priorities this January is (like so many of us!) to get back on budget. You’d think tea would have nothing to contribute to this one, but that’s not quite true.

I’m not sure who coined the phrase, but I love it: “humble luxuries.” Yes, tea is a luxury. Especially when you can taste the difference between loose leaf tea, allowed to expand and steep perfectly in an infuser, not crushed into a prepackaged tea bag. (I’m a bit snobbish with my tea!) And, it could be argued, I could get it cheaper from the box store to save myself a buck or two.

Tea is a luxury. I understand that. But it’s a humble one. And when our teas start at a mere $6.50 for 50g, you’re looking at less than 40 cents a cup – and that’s if you never re-steep your tea (and you can!) My weekly coffee shop meeting has moved into a let’s-meet-at-my-place, and those 4 cups I used to buy now pay for an entire month’s worth of loose leaf tea.

Tea may be a luxury, but it’s one I can afford.

Plus, tea improves memory function and mental clarity, something my husband tells me I desperately need when we pass the half-hour mark in talking about finances. There’s nothing like a chai matcha to help me focus and keep me alert without making me jittery! (Trust me on this one.)

Your Turn

So what are your New Year’s resolutions? Whatever they are, may you celebrate your progress, no matter how far you get!